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Stories of Pride & Progress

I would describe myself as a unique person, who has always felt a little different from my friends.  I never felt that I truly fit society’s definition of what or who I should be.  For years, I suppressed my feelings and emotions because I thought they were wrong, or I would not be accepted.  To society, I have always presented as a straight female, but that is not who I am, and in 2021-2022 I began my journey of self discovery and self love. 

I began reading more and involving myself in LGBTQ2S+ culture and spaces.  This journey led me to my true gender and sexuality.  I have only ever been in cis-hetero relationships, and I am married to a male presenting person.  I often thought that my feelings about other people were invalid because of this, and I learned that is far from the truth.  Whatever you feel and identify as, is valid. 

Experiences do not make the person; YOU make the person. 

In 2021, I came out to a few people as pansexual, and it felt amazing!  Not that anything about me had changed, but it felt great to have a word to describe me.   

Growing up I never identified 100% as my presenting gender and joked that I was a tomboy. I felt validated when people would think I’m strong or liked more masculine things.  Along this journey of self discovery, my spouse and I had many conversations about ourselves and how we have always felt a disconnect to our assigned genders.  We do not live with the “traditional gender norm roles” and we think differently than some people.  We discovered a word that describes exactly how we’ve always felt, demi-gendered.   For me specifically demi-girl and for them demi-boy. 

It feels great to have words that describe how we feel.  Not that a label makes the person, but when you have felt left out, it is nice to feel supported and accepted into a community and family!

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