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MHS West’s ‘Paramedics: Emergency Response’ enters its sixth season


No two days are ever the same for those on the frontlines of healthcare. That axiom became even more evident during the pandemic, with the extra pressures of keeping everyone safe. That’s the underlying focus of the latest season of Paramedics: Emergency Response, which recently launched its sixth season recently on Citytv.

The popular television show takes viewers on calls with paramedics in MHS West’s Saskatoon division. While filming during the pandemic had been challenging, it gave paramedics the chance to show their day-to-day reality during Covid, including candid interviews to discuss how they’ve been coping with the added stresses.

The new season debuted in late March on Citytv, airing nationally and online. You can learn more about the show and read interviews with the show’s director and Troy Davies, MHS West’s Director of Public Affairs, in an article that appears in the March 31st edition of the Saskatoon StarPhoenix.

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