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Caring Together campaign


Thank you for sharing your stories and congratulations to our prize winners!

Throughout the month of December, we launched our Caring Together campaign to demonstrate how you bring our values to life in the communities across Canada where we live and work.

The stories that were shared represent how we are an organization with a whole lot of heart, and we have some truly incredible employees.

Below are some highlights of how our employees lent their helping hands during our Caring Together campaign:

At one medical call last winter, we cleared inches of ice from the stairs and driveway at a medical call to make access easier for the older residents who called 911. It was unrelated to the call, but we knew it would be a big deal for the residents to clear it themselves.”

“Approximately 2 weeks ago a man was standing on the streets with a sign that said “hungry.” Here in our rural community, this is unheard of. We have no shelters, and it was a cold evening. A grocery store was close by, so I went in and got him water a hot meal and some snacks. I couldn’t offer him somewhere to stay but at least I knew he had water and food to get by for a few days.”

“Doing my part to help women and children at Crossroads for women! I have started a group to help sponsor several ladies and kids needing assistance this Christmas, as Crossroads is seeing a large intake right now and are desperate. I am leading the initiative and collecting donations for multiple sponsorships.”

“I volunteer regularly with our local Minor Hockey Association (Cape Breton County Minor Hockey). I have volunteered as our Covid Representative for the organization when the pandemic began and continue to do so. Volunteers are at the core of Minor Hockey Associations and without them cannot continue to offer children sports and all the benefits that come with it, especially during the pandemic.”

“For the past 6 years, I have been giving to those in need in my community. I prepare a box that includes everything for a Christmas meal so that parents have the chance to buy some gifts for their children. I chose a family at random by myself so that everything is confidential. Also, I like to give of my time as a volunteer to the elderly.”

“Since 1988, through our local Salvation Army, along with a local radio station (650 CKOM), here in Saskatoon, there has a been an annual Christmas initiative here in Saskatoon called Adopt A Family.  For many years, our MCCC has participated in adopting a local family and some Christmases, we have helped 2 families.”

… And a few more special stories of how you are making a difference in our communities.

Thank you for sharing your stories. Congratulations to our prize winners!

During the Caring Together campaign, every employee submission earned a ballot to be entered into a prize draw for a $50 gift card to the Medavie Boutique. We have 10 prizes to give away and, with nine submissions, it means everyone who entered will receive a $50 gift card to the Medavie Boutique. Here are our winners:

  1. Tom Raithby, Senior Contract Analyst
  2. Melanie Doucette, Primary Care Paramedic
  3. Cindy Arsenault, Fleet Resource Administrator
  4. Natalia Gallant, Manager, Quality and Privacy
  5. Raymonde Robichaud, Patient Care Attendant
  6. Magali Robichaud, Extra-Mural Administrative Support
  7. Monique Cormier, Extra-Mural Administrative Support
  8. Caroline Noel, Extra-Mural Administrative Support
  9. Lisa Kennedy, Manager, MCCC-C

Thank you again for sharing your stories. We love to see our employees engaging with our activities and sharing how you make a difference. As you can see from our Caring Campaign, you are likely to win a prize the next time you participate!

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