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Culture Corner: Our Values in Action – Recognizing our peers through shoutouts!


Culture Corner: Our Values in Action is a new feature of MHS Messenger that celebrates how Medavie employees are living our values each and every day.

Did you know over the past two months there have been 119 shoutouts given and 176 shoutouts received by employees across Medavie? That’s 295 shoutouts!

Shoutouts are a great way to recognize a peer for exemplifying any of our Medavie Values, be it Caring, Accountable, Responsive, Innovative or Community-minded. Through INSPIRE, our wellbeing and recognition platform, it’s easy to recognize your peers through the shoutout feature. These messages of recognition are visible on the daily feed and allow anyone in the organization to get involved by commenting or liking the shoutout.

The INSPIRE shoutout board has also seen a lot of exciting energy these last few weeks related to our Medavie Inspire World Tour Challenge.  Many of you have been motivated and inspired by your fellow team members for Caring and for holding you Accountable to your own health and wellbeing. For example:

“To the TRICKA team!  Who always take the time to build each other up and to make sure we are becoming our best selves!” 
Coralynn Murray, Marketing Coordinator, to her team “Tricka Toe Ticklers’” (teammates Rosann Savidant, Kyra Goguen, Tessa Purcell, Ashley Pugh and Isabelle St. Pierre)

 “WOW!! You girls are really rocking the INSPIRE challenge! I couldn’t have asked for better teammates to keep me motivated and accountable!! I have been having so much fun and feeling so good! Thanks for the great teamwork!! 🙂 Let’s keep going!”  
– Holly Murphy, Financial Analyst, to her team “Red Hot Chili Steppers” (teammates Cassey Steeves, Sylvie Daigle, Nathalie Boudreau and Jennifer Phillips)

 Many of you have also been generous in highlighting day-to-day examples of colleagues who are Caring and strive to make a positive difference in people’s lives through their words and actions.  Here are just a few inspiring quotes,

“Thank-you for sending a lovely care package after we completed a major milestone on a project.”   
– Nikki Hilton recognized by Leanne Michener, Director of Finance MHS West.

Thank-you for looking after the PROMPT members, Ginette. You demonstrate the “Caring” value every day.  Un gros merci.”  
– Ginette Pellerin recognized by Ronnie Allain, Operations Manager, Bouctouche District, ANB

Remember, shoutouts can be big or small and you can earn up to 500 reward points each month for recognizing others! If you don’t feel you have a shoutout to give, you can always interact with other recognition posts by liking or replying to recent messages. 

Here’s how you can get involved!

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